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We are social animals and we don’t live in seclusion. However, while living with people, we also most of the time find ourselves in conflicting situations. How to overcome conflicts in the family is a very important lesson in our life.

One of the common conflicts is the disagreements between the parents and the children. When there is more than one child in a family, siblings’ rivalry happens to be a common phenomenon. Last but not the least is the conflict between the spouses. The husband and wife share a common life and they also are always in conflicting situations. To iron the differences between the family members, you have to learn how to overcome conflicts in the family.

You can take the first step to overcome conflicts in the family by pondering over the root of the differences between the members. Children always complain that their parents don't understand them. On the other hand parents usually chide that their children disregard them. Similarly, a kid could be dissatisfied when his/her parents show special concern to another child more than him/her. If is not handled properly, conflict can be a cause of family disintegration. To overcome conflicts in the family, you have to learn how to manage conflicts.

Here are five tips for overcoming family conflict.

I'm only a sophomore so I'm ages away from applying to college but I'm already fretting over the essay. I really want to talk about family issues and how they shaped me into an independent and motivated person. The thing about my family is my father is a narcissist/sociopath. He controls the clothes I wear, the things I do, when I can use the bathroom, when lights are off, and sometimes even kicks me out of the house.

Additionally, I think he is jealous of me because he discourages me from doing homework and keeping up my grades. He tells me constantly that I should quit speech and debate, stop doing science olympiads, won't let me do summer programs, and once told me "the more A's you get, the dumber you are to me". Once, when he saw me doing homework, he ripped up all my homework papers and shattered my phone and computer. Now, I'm really scared to do homework whenever he's awake and wait for him to fall asleep before tiptoeing to turn on the lights and finish my workload.

Even worse, he's constantly getting in fights with my mom which sometimes get physical :( My dad does not have a job so either. My mom is scared to file for divorce, because she is scared my dad will put our family in danger. It's incredibly hard to keep my grades up with a family like this, but at the same time I feel like my family has given me more motivation to push through the pain, and prove to my family and the world that I can be successful.

Do you guys think that this will make a good essay? I really want to write about this so that adcom understands why my grades aren't as good as other people, and why it's hard for me to do summer programs. At the same time, I'm scared that I'll be giving the impression that i'm asking for pity, when lots of families divorce. Also I heard that colleges are wary to accept people with family problems, because they might terrorize the school (I think there's a link between school shootings and family problems). What do you guys say?

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